Asking people to Digg something is sad

Published on February 11th, 2009

Today I got the following ridiculous email from WooThemes (I’m in their mailing list, don’t ask me why):

Subject: Please Digg our new, free icon set
From: WooThemes

Hi  Damien van Holten,

We know you love WooThemes and that you’ll do everything in your power to help us out (feeling obliged now huh?)… So we just released a new, free icon set, the WP WooThemes Ultimate Icon Set, and we’d like to request your help in sharing this with your friends.

If you can visit the following link and Digg this release, we would really
appreciate it! –>

Some more new themes on the way next week by the way… 🙂

Over and out,
The WooThemes Team

Not even a download link?

Just the Digg link? They go trough all this trouble to create icons, send all their members an email and they don’t even link the article/download page? Come on! If your this desperate to get Digged you’re doing something very wrong. I get why someone would ask some friends to Digg their article, just to get started. But doing this on such a mass scale is just wrong.

Apart from insulting their users by saying they can’t make decisions for themselves this email shows how little trust they have in their own content. If your content is is good enough and you have a well placed Digg button, people will Digg it. The worst thing is: the icons are actually well made and I can imagine their usefulness. This only makes it worse.

You can find the original post here. Now go ahead and Digg this article, you know you want too. 😉

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Adii Rockstar http://www.adii.co.za

February 11th, 2009

Sorry to have offended you so much with a little tongue-in-cheek request for a Digg. Considering that the biggest percentage of our users only follow us via e-mail, a little newsletter is a very viable marketing solution for us.

Plus, I doubt that anyone truly felt obliged to Digg something that they didn’t really like. So the principles of Digg are still very much in play.

Damien van Holten http://www.reaact.net

February 11th, 2009

“Please Digg our new, free icon set”… Where’s the tongue-in-cheek in that?

The least you could have done is open with your news and a link to your content. Then ask for a Digg.

Andreas Climent http://www.andreascliment.com

February 11th, 2009

Agree 100%. Digg only works if people digg what they really like. Since a lot of users digg everything submitted by their ‘friends’, the friends system on Digg is one of the site’s worst features. The site would be much more appealing to a larger audience if you couldn’t see who submitted an article or who has dugg it.

Entwerpen http://www.entwerpen.nl

February 22nd, 2009

it is a bit like they would have twittered about it and then ask everyone to RT it. oh wait…. http://search.twitter.com/search?q=woothemes+icon


p.s. nice icons

Ruben van Dijk http://www.rubenvandijk.com

March 28th, 2009

Digging what your saying their!

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