Beijing 2008 usability failure

Published on August 14th, 2008

It’s been said enough times already but I’m gonna go ahead and repeat it one more time: JavaScript should be used to enhance the UX (user experience) not be the UX.

I came across a great example on how people screw this up on a daily basis on a site that I can imagine has quite some traffic: The Official Website of Beijing Olympic Games.

On the middle of the page there’s overview of previous, current and upcoming gold medal matches. Which I can imagine is one of the most used functions on the homepage. I can’t imagine why but to view the list they offer a javascript button scrolling system. Cool right? Well yeah, apart from the the fact that the scrolling system is slow as hell. It takes over 15 seconds to scroll down 5 results.

Beijing 2008 usability failure

Where’s my scrollbar when I need it?

Considering that a lot of people will check this site at work this is bad. Real bad. I turned of javascript because I figured I would get my scrollbar back. Nope, nothing. Of course, the scrolling system stops working and so do the tabs.

Beijing 2008 usability failure buttons

You can click all you want, nothing will happen…

Why is it so hard to make also function without using javascript? The big boys do it right, and so do the smaller one’s. It’s a good thing the Chinese are better at sports then the are at online usability.

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