Internal link building the bad way

Published on April 3rd, 2009

The way they do this isn’t special. They’re just linking to tag overview pages from within blog posts, nothing special here. If you do this the right way, it will help your internal link building. However, if you’re going to go ahead and hide those links from your users you are going into a dangerous area.

Let’s take this blog post for example: Top selling PS1 games in the Playstation Store. At first glance there’s nothing special going on. But, let’s take a better look at the page.

Kotaku Links

Nothing special here. Just a blog post.

Kotaku hidden links

Same post with outlined links.

Those words with the red borders around them in this posts are links, you won’t see these unless you use a tool to outline links or hover over them. So that’s 5 internal links in this short post. 2 of those go to the same page. And all of them are hidden.

Hiding links is dumb

It’s pretty simple. If you style your links the exact same way you style your content you’re hiding them. Google isn’t stupid, they will notice this.

I’ve blogged about this form of nasty SEO before, and I’m truly stunned about how big – respected – websites keep trying to hide their links and linking methods.

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